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All the Songs We Sing: Reviews

The Project on the History of Black Writing

“A reunion of talented Black writers that honors their craft and contributions to American Literature.” – Simone Savannah

Sundress Reads

“Voices from a variety of generations and renown, voices sharing diverse stories and forms that speak of a greater collective Carolina identity.” – Julie Jeanell Leung

North Carolina Literary Review

“The themes of spirituality, history, and loss in the collection All the Songs We Sing…effectively reflect the people and landscapes of North Carolina.” – Reginald Watson

Southern Review of Books

All The Songs We Sing is a complex, nuanced ballad…the artists of the Carolina African American Writers’ Collective have not only brought the noise, they’ve brought the music.” — Monika Dziamka

North Carolina Poet Laureate:
Jaki Shelton Green

All the Songs We Sing are new lamentations, praise songs, and litanies offering new language inside sonnets, haikus, and stories that bear witness to the juxtaposition of Black existence, Black memory, and all the liminal spaces in-between.”
―Jaki Shelton Green

All the Songs We Sing: Media

University Libraries at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Accompanying article in the Daily Tar Heel

North Carolina Museum of Art: African American Cultural Celebration

Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance’s Reader, Meet Writer

Featuring contributors to ALL THE SONGS WE SING and NC Poet Laureate, Jaki Shelton Green.

Individual Publication Reviews

A440 Podcast

In this episode titled “Your Rocking, Clapping Self,” Lenard D. Moore discusses haiku and other forms of poetry and their connection to jazz. Moore also takes the time to read some of his poetry from The Geography of Jazz.

Review: Lambda Literary

“Both oral and oracular, one of Sacrilegion’s most striking achievements is the assertion that in its dexterity, its ever-able capacity for reaching, for repose, for resurrection, language is the body that lasts―and is legion.”
―Jerome Murphy, Lambda Literary

Review: Muzzle

“After reading Sacrilegion, the book beating in my hands like a second heart, I felt alive the way I feel after coming into contact with any source of duende: grateful for the intimacy and grace found in the lines and inspired to be clear-eyed and brave in my own writing…”
―Kendra DeColo, Muzzle Magazine

Review: Poetry Foundation

“There is much to be admired in this collection of poems….It goes without saying that Shockley’s work is political, in language and in content. And this is quite satisfying to me as a reader constantly seeking intelligent, well-crafted, historically relevant poetry which is located in the world, tempered and telling urgently of real human lives.”
―Barbara Jane Reyes, Poetry Foundation

Review: Washington Post

Sunday Dinner evokes sweet memories and traditions…Lacy encourages readers to continue Sunday dinner traditions―and for new generations to create their own.”
―DeNeen L. Brown, Washington Post

Review: Raleigh News & Observer

“…gives us permission to create family and make Sunday dinners special wherever we are.”―Lori D. R. Wiggins, Raleigh News & Observer

Highlighted Archives

In this special issue of Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora, view work by CAAWC members.

Obsidian Vol. 10/11, Fall/Winter 2009-Spring/Summer 2010

Vol. 10, no. 2/Vol. 11, no. 1; Aforebo: A Harvest of North Carolina Writers of African Descent

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